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  • on-demand access to collected data
  • 100% reduction of the cost of data re-entry and formatting
  • 100% reduction of archiving cost
  • effiicient data entry: no erros, no iillegible entries, no missed fields
  • all audit forms, images, signatures in one place
  • all audits done: where expected (GPS, iBeacon verification), at required time, in desired range, by authorised personell
  • automatic archiving with instant access to collected data
  • reports covering and range of collected data
  • audit parameters breach real time alerts (email/text message)
  • innovative technologies used
  • interact with your clients within the system to improve your processes


  • real time alerts
  • any checklist can be associated with an incident (multimedia included)
  • tasks automatically relayed to contracted service providers
  • contracted solution time supervised by the system
  • flexible reporting
  • process is fully archived


  • automate data collection process
  • bar codes, QR codes, NFC all in one app
  • photos, drawings, signatures
  • text data
  • checklists, digital value and more
  • instant access to collected data
  • data archived in real time
  • no time is lost to move data from paper to digital form
  • share collected information
  • use reports and search functions